Tomorrow I’m going to post my other set of Campus life girls from the holiday version, but I’m feeling a little too lazy to bother with cropping all the pictures tonight.

Also I had to completely rewrite this post due to a certain butthead cat wandering on the keyboard. Farking cat. Though it would be terribly out of character for him to not do something like that.


I probably won’t be blogging seriously again till September, due to upheavals in my life.

See you in a couple months.


Today I got up on time, I walked the dogs, and I fed them. And it was raining. Thus has an important equilibrium in everyone’s lives been restored.

On a more exciting note, as I mentioned on , it was very likely that I would beat Shadow Dragon again, and in fact, I did. Yesterday.

So I’m not going to continue the stat analysis I was going to do originally, but I will add in a link to where I was checking the averages so if you are interested, you could judge who’s been blessed and who’s been screwed.

The stat averages can be found

Anyway, it goes as follows. Marth, a lord, topped at level 30, has 56 HP, 20 strength, 0 magic, 25 skill, 25 speed, 30 luck, 13 defence, and 11 resistance cause I pumped a ton of resistance boosters into him before the last chapter.

Frey, a paladin, topped at level 20, has 53 HP, 22 strength, 1 magic, 28 skill, 25 speed, 21 luck, 16 defence and 6 resistance.

Norne, a sniper, topped at level 20, has 46 HP, 20 strength, 1 magic, 21 skill, 29 speed, 18 luck, 17 defence and 3 resistance.

Julian, a thief, topped at level 30, has 43 HP, 20 strength, 0 magic, 19 skill, 26 speed, 27 luck, 14 defence and 1 resistance.

Lena, a bishop, topped at level 20, has 28 HP, 1 strength, 20 magic, 21 skill, 25 speed, 30 luck, 7 defence and 30 resistance.

Radd, a swordmaster, topped at level 20, has 58 HP, 21 strength, 1 magic, 23 skill, 28 speed, 18 luck, 18 defence and 3 resistance.

Maria, a bishop, topped at level 16, has 35 HP, 1 strength, 16 magic, 10 skill, 11 speed, 30 luck, 6 defence and 23 resistance.

Etzel, a sorcerer, topped at level 20, has 2 strength, 19 magic, 19 skill, 17 speed, 13 luck, 9 defence and 14 resistance.

Abel, a paladin, topped at level 19, has 25 strength, 1 magic, 27 skill, 25 speed, 14 luck, 14 defence and 6 resistance.

Cain, a paladin, topped at level 19, has 25 strength, 28 skill, 25 speed, 19 luck, 15 defence and 6 resistance.

Beck, a ballistician, topped at level 30, has 40 HP, 17 strength, 0 magic, 20 skill, 13 speed, 18 luck, 25 defence and 0 resistance.

Caeda, a dracoknight, topped at level 20, has 46 HP, 22 strength, 0 magic, 26 skill, 23 speed, 30 luck, 21 defence and 3 resistance.

Nagi, a manakete, topped at level 16, has 33 HP, 8 strength, 2 magic, 13 skill, 15 speed, 11 luck, 6 defence and 10 resistance.

And last but not least, is Tiki, a manakete, topped at level 20, who has 36 HP, 12 strength, 1 magic, 16 skill, 20 speed, 20 luck, 8 defence and 11 resistance. Interestingly, this is the worst Tiki I’ve ever had, and she’s still capped two of her stats.

So I’m happy, because with the exception of Maria, this turned out to be a really good team for me.


Since my ankle is finally in much better shape than it used to be, and so I’m able to go out and take photographs again. Though I’m still not back up to full mobility, I can, in fact, leave the path and stand in the grass to take pictures of things.

My favorite willow at the part for being so knobbly and easy to climb on.

My favorite willow at the part for being so knobbly and easy to climb on.

Like this. It’s not the best picture I’ve taken, no, but I like shots like these. Landscapes and photos of plants and animals. They have a vastly different charm than what we see all the time in reality, so I like to capture them.

I think I’ll probably try to do two or three photos a week at least, although I don’t know how well that’ll work…


It’s getting hot again, and I’m actually starting to wear short sleeves without any shirts under them.

It’s a little weird to actually be going around outdoors without at least a long sleeved shirt, since I started wearing them again in September, and it just wasn’t consistently warm enough combined with my sudden lack of going outside all the time to really be sitting around in short sleeves, so I’m not used to having my arms exposed so much.

Ah well, I suppose I’ll get used to it again. And I’ll start wearing my skirts without pants too. That’ll be nice.

Very nice.


Clearly physical therapy has done more than build up better muscles in my legs, it should not take me four tries to type out my password without making a typo.

In addition already, I seem to be incapable of writing the paragraph tags correctly. Fun!

But at least I have a lovely mix of This Day Aria to listen to, a symphonic metal remix. Yes, I am a fan of the show. It’s a good show, it has good ideas and meanings, a very good mix of female characters, none too perfect or glurgy and it’s got some incredible songs.

And this one is probably the best.

It is from the last episode of Season two, so watch out for spoilers, but it’s a song that’s pretty unusual as songs go. It’s a duet between a princess and the villain who has taken her form. And it’s the same person using the same voice for both of them, but it’s pretty easy to tell just by listening who’s who, right? That would be because she is very good at using different inflections and tones that match the characters who are using the voice to make them sound distinct without changing. It’s pretty awesome.

Anyway though, it’s one of the most popular songs in the fanbase in general, and it has many many remixes. My favorites are a remix, and a remix.

And they’re fun to listen to, and head bang too. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t doesn’t like them yet, though I’m sure I just haven’t tested them out on a large enough group yet.

It’s a fun song, a good song, and the one that probably stands best on it’s own.


I’m sick. Quite sick. Sick enough that I was up till almost three because my nose wouldn’t stay unplugged long enough that I could fall asleep.

And my foggy head seems to be stuck on the moon. I was listening to Sarah Brightman’s album La Luna all this morning, and now to Hatsune Miku’s Goddess of Spring which has a video of the singer playing a harp under the full moon.

My head hurts too much to write or code. We will see if it hurts too much to do anything else


Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to start practicing walking again. I hope so.

It’s going to be hard work. My leg is going to hurt a lot, and I’ll want to avoid it sometimes. But if I want to go back to normal, I have to try, and I have to succeed.

Who knows what the end result will be?


Today I remembered that I actually have a Nook, after about oh…five months not actually reading it, and the first thing I had to do was charge it for about three hours. Oops!

Now I don’t really remember all that I have on there, but a few of the things that I put on there were some of the old fanfics from the X fandom that I love, and having talked to all but two of the authors (their stories are on a defunct website that I have to pull up on the wayback machine) about it, I know that it’s okay.

So I had to add the newest update of one of the longer stories, one that’s been in progress since 07, and trust me, that’s actually a pretty short time for some of these stories. The X fandom is known for writing some really long stories, and it’s been around as long as I have, so there are stories that have been in progress since 1999 and such (inside joke, kinda) and still not finished, cause it’s almost an unforgiving medium to be writing in.

And now that I’ve put the newest update of the longer story on my Nook, it’s making me want to go back and reread Tokyo Babylon and X again, which means that I need to actually get to a bookstore and purchase the big collections of the latter, since I’m missing parts of the series in my collection, and while I could read it on the internet, it’s just not the same as holding the book.

Yes, I’m a geek. And I’m very proud of that.


No, I’m not able to put weight on my ankle yet, that’s a different story.

It has definitely been a while since I bothered to log in and write a blog post- which I can tell by the number of spam comments I got. My fault entirely, I just haven’t bothered to log in and do the work properly.

Today, I made a Github and posted some of my Ruby code. I love working in Ruby, it’s like building a puzzle, where all of the pieces make sense as you put them in. Puzzles are wonderful too, maybe I’ll build one this weekend if I can find a way to get one down from the attic.

I’ve been tempted to go back and reread Deerskin again. It’s an incredible book, if heavy and dark, and painfully realistic. I wish there were more books like it, ones that I could curl up with and read for an afternoon.

It’s been raining a lot. I love the rain, but it’s a cold rain, and it seems to seep into my bones and makes it harder to wake up in the morning. I’m tired, and a little scatterbrained today.

There are so many things I want to write about in detail, but they require more focus than I have right now. Singing, The Path, Deerskin, many things.

I suppose I should close this off and get back to working on other things, get some progress done. And I’ll come back to writing again. I need to write, I really do.

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