There are seven stops between where I board the light rail and where I get off. I usually don’t pull out my book until the train because right now it’s really hard to read a book when even in the heavy duty gloves, my fingers are freezing. So I spend my whole time thinking.

Walking to the light rail

I think about making it there on time. It’s not the biggest worry if I don’t, there’s another Trax that comes fifteen minutes after the one I usually take that on good days will have me at the station reasonably before the train leaves. But right now, everything is screwed up because of the weather, and I’d rather have the Trax that gets me there twenty minutes before the train arrives than the one that gets me there five minutes before. I think about how in January, I might like to stop in at 7/11 and get a hot dog and a soda and maybe something else and eat something hot on the train. Of course, I’d need a way to keep it hot for a good half an hour before I can get on the train, and then it occurs to me that it would be a better treat for summer, and an inspiration to leave half an hour earlier to take the earlier train and bus. I think about how it’s only been ten minutes since I left my house and my feet are already freezing in the warmest socks I own.

Library Station

I always board from here because it’s the easiest station to get to. There are at least two others in easy walking distance, but I like this one the most. When I get on the train, I think about how my hair is wet because I couldn’t get my blow dryer to work, and how glad I am that I have one of Mom’s homemade floppy yarn hats. Between it and the hood, the cold can’t seep into my skull so quickly. It takes till we’ve arrived at the next station for the heat to thaw up my feet.


The giggly kids behind me get off, it’s easier to focus on my book then. I’m reading by Laurie Halse Anderson. It’s not the first time I’ve read it, but it’s still an amazing book. My thoughts fragment into the style of the writing- the essays and the loneliness and the secrets. It’s a good book to read on the train.

900 South, Ballpark, Central Pointe

I just focus on reading, noting the stations in the corner of my mind so I don’t get lost and miss my stop. That would really suck. I probably wouldn’t be able to catch anything in time to get back. People get on and get off, normally those who would walk or get the bus prefer the Trax during winter, it seems. I don’t blame them, it’s too cold to do much.

Millcreek, Meadowbrook, Murray North

I wish I had headphones to listen to music on the way in. I love music as much as I love books. It is a part of my very soul. There are whole songs that I could sing, but I’ve forgotten the words to. The second I hear them playing though, I can remember every beat. If I was only allowed to take two things with me into isolation, I would bring my books and my music. Then I would be alone with my most precious pieces.

Murray Central

If I weren’t scared that deviation from the paths I’ve learned to get to work on time, I might start taking the blue line from Courthouse and then go to the city station, get on the train ten minutes later and with less freezing. The courthouse stop is only three more blocks than the library. I have to stand in the cold for what initially is suggested as fifteen minutes by the electronic board, but really turns out to be thirty. I pace up and down the station to try and avoid freezing, but I’m only moderately successful. My toes are still thawing out aboard the train. I see two of the people who ride the bus with me every day waiting as well, both in thick coats with furry hoods. Their breath steams in the unforgiving air.

On the train

We’ve only stopped once so far, but the second stop can’t be far ahead. The sun is rising now, and tries to shine in my eyes while I write. There is a long distance freight train on the tracks too, though not on the ones that the local trains use. I don’t know whether it’s reached its destination, or is just frozen in place. It’s covered in graffitied smilie faces and goofy signatures. I don’t understand why people fight the harmless graffiti so much. Probably in a moment, I’m going to stop and finish reading my book. The snow is blue where the sunlight doesn’t touch it. The mountains are still rose with sunrise. It’s beautiful.


Sometimes I do forget that I love the way the winter looks. I just don’t like being in it.

But freshly frosted windows, and untouched fields that glow blue when it’s shadowed, and rooftops covered in perfect blankets- those are beautiful to me.

It took the sunrise over the mountains to remind me of that this time. They were all coated in white except for where the evergreens and the rocks poked through where snow could not rest, leaving them cast in black and white, until the sun came over the horizon and dusted them a rosy soft pink that I had to smile about. It was a beautiful thing to see.


The newest book I’ve gotten (especially since it only came out a week and a half ago), and I’ve already read certain scenes ten-plus times because they are just so great.

Now I’m sure that there’s a way to do a spoiler cut in WordPress, but since I have no fraking clue, I’m not going to go into details, since even friends of mine who are fans have not had the time to read it yet. If you are one of those people as well, stay off of every single Wikipedia site as it contains a hell of a lot of spoilers that weren’t completely obvious. Like spoiler, Percy and Annabeth don’t die, because you don’t kill off the main characters till the last book instead of the fourth.

But it was completely awesome, and contained some character revelations that Rick Riordan has obviously been planning out possibly since the introductions of the characters in question. Namely there’s one that’s been building since The Titan’s Curse, but since that’s a nice big fat unexpected spoiler, no more details there. However, it was well worth staying up till almost midnight the night that I got it reading it.

On another note, I just cannot catch a break with coming down with things. First a cold two weeks after I moved, then a stomach bug that knocked me down for four days, and now I have a monster of a sore throat that is bugging me to pieces. Makes me want to stick an iceburg down my throat or something.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Kamelot too. I have four of their albums now, Epica, the Black Halo, Ghost Opera and Silverthorn. And they’re definitely all very good. Definitely worth listening to a lot.

I seriously need to remember to write more often, so that I stop having all of these random tangents instead of actually writing just one coherent topic all the way through.


Sadly I can’t get any good pictures, since it’s coated in clouds as well. Usually when I look out the window at work, I can see three different mountains. I can’t even see all of the hills, the clouds are so low.

Needless to say, despite my griping, it’s awesome. This is the first time I’ve lived anywhere close to mountains, and I can’t get enough of them. I’m always looking out the window to see them in their majesty.

When I first came here, it was warm enough that there were always at least three or four, more often around twenty, parasailors hovering around the mountains like a flock of brightly colored birds. Now that there’s been snow, they’ve stopped for the year. I can’t wait for the spring to come so that they come back.

The sky is always so clear around the mountains too, like the pollution in the air doesn’t dare come near them to try and taint them. I love them so much. When spring comes, I think I’m going to climb one.


Biking to work is very nice and refreshing as long as I don’t have to play dodge the cars while doing it. It’s just a little alarming, as I’m sure you can imagine, especially since I don’t have a mirror yet and have to use my severely broken ears to listen for traffic coming up behind me.

It’s much nicer being a pedestrian in this case, even though it takes three times as long to get anywhere, since I get to walk against traffic and see everything that’s coming.

I need to get some podcasts that I can listen to while I work, since I’m currently using a comedy internet talk show to help me focus on working and listening as two different things. If I have podcasts, then I can actually learn things as well. That would be very nice.

I should probably stop blogging on the work computer and actually eat my breakfast, and I will work on my relationship post at home.


Unlimited powaaa!!!!

I’ll stop quoting Star Wars now, yes. But I am super happy because my stupid cough has finally gone away and my voice is back in full power.

It’s funny, up till right after I took my break, I was convinced that I didn’t like singing in the lower ranges at all. Then I actually listened to Kamelot, and now I love using both my upper range and my lower range to sing along with the music, especially since I can very nearly match the male singer’s range, and definitely the female’s. So if I wanted, I could record a duet with both halves. It makes me imaginative.

There are two tv shows I’m actually watching now too, Star Trek: The Original Series, wherein I have no clue how anyone can watch it and not get that Kirk and Spock are making passionate eye love at each other every episode, and then I just started Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch, which makes me squeal on the platonic end as I love the friendship they share. I’ve only gone through one episode so far, but I think later tonight I’ll be watching the second.

I’ve been sad for the past couple of days, but my voice has brought back the sun. I think I’m okay again.


Well, this was a summer I won’t forget, though it’s been stressful enough that I want to forget parts of it.

I’m finally settled in again, and I think I have contracted asthma just to make things even more fun than they already were, but my job is totally awesome, and everything around me is just amazing. I’ve been here three weeks and the mountains still take my breath away every morning. Of course, right now the cough is getting there first, but I’ll live.

I’m going to be posting a project soon, I’m starting it right now on my other blog, since it actually matches with both sides that I use them for, as it is a dissection and consideration of two music albums I adore- Kamelot’s Epica and The Black Halo. I hope to get the first part out tomorrow here, though we’ll see how far I get.

So if anyone’s watching, I’m back!


It’s been a while since I posted, and I have a semi-good reason.

We’re moving. and it’s going to be soon too. This will be the fifth move of my life, and we’re finally going back on the winds to lead me home. I’ve never been happy where I am, it’s too wrong for me. And while it isn’t where I need to be yet, it’s much closer.

So this is me stating that my hiatus will be happening until September or so. And then my life will begin.


I was surfing around on my mother’s blog, reading old posts from before I knew she had a blog, and I found something that she did just for kicks. One of those silly “put your music player on shuffle and put the first line/last line/title of song down, don’t skip”. So I figured I might as well do it myself.

Step 1: Put your music player on random.
Step 2: Post the first line(s) of the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song, you are allowed to skip songs with no lyrics.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: NO CHEATING on your guesses (don’t use the google)
1. Step inside this magic tent
2. Didn’t I tell you not to go out, didn’t I?
3. Nobody told me that I’d be in happy faces
4. You’re the kinda friend who always bends when I’m broken
5. This was a triumph
6. You’d better work!
7. All that I’m living for
8. See the people walking down the street
9. First we thought that Babs was so really really sweet
10. This is the boss
11. Seven years and fifty days
12. There’s a nail in the door and there’s glass on the lawn
13. Itsy bitsy spider, waiting on the wall
14. Where in the world have you being hiding?
15. Somos el barco
16. Sister Christian, you know the time has come
17. Girl do you love me, I wanna know
18. I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
19. Do you see me?
20. Your kiss, your lips, your touch is dangerous.

If anyone out there is reading…do you want to try?


Before you ask, you should look to see what monkey cake is, and how to make it. It’s very yummy and overly caloric.

Now I’ve come to realize that I have troubles with depression, and it’s been hitting me over the past week. Not super bad, but I’m taking everything far too seriously and tearing up and being crushed over everything for no reason. So in order to be happy while cooking, I was given a glass of wine, “diluted” with vodka.

Then I added some rum to it. It was a good effect. I got all giggly and tipsy pretty quickly, and then over the next half hour, it took effect and now I’m drunk. Not knock down dangerous drunk, but enough that I know I am.

Since both of my genetic lines have histories of trouble with alcohol, I know I have to be careful. And I know that I could easily start to need it in a bad way.

But for right now, I’m happy, and I have monkey cake and Battlestar Galactica and my family, and I’m feeling good.

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